Summer show rehearsal

Written by Cath Moyse - Tue 13th Jun 2023

Sunday found me on a beautiful summer's evening at Hare Leys Farm. I hope that the hot weather was an indication of what to expect on 15th and 16th July, rather than the theme of tonight's songs which was decidedly cold and wintery.

The cast were gathered for the first rehearsal of the dance routine for "Looks like a cold, cold winter". The stage was laid out with six couples doing an energetic swing jive routine, complemented by two smaller groups of singers. The dancing couples were assigned as either leaders or followers (who would do lots more spinning). Unfortunately we don't have enough male cast members to have male/female couples so some of the women take on the leader role. The lyrics were sung through initially without dance moves. The intense harmony workshop held the previous evening was starting to pay off. Our choreographer then took the troupe through the dance step by step without music until they were ready to do the whole song accompanied by Steve on the keyboard. The dancers were sweating by the end, even dressed in t-shirts and shorts. I don't envy them performing in the hot July sunshine dressed in hats, scarfs and gloves!

The next number was a whole ensemble rendition of Louis Armstrong's "What a wonderful world" to highlight the devastating effects of climate change. The acoustics in the barn are not great, but it sounded really good with lovely harmonies. I even found myself joining in. 

The cast had a few minutes break to sit down and rehydrate, and then it was back into position for "Let it snow" featuring solos from several of the cast members.

The evening ended with a final run through of "Looks like a cold, cold winter" to see how many moves the cast had remembered.

For more details or for tickets for "Come Rain or Shine" please visit or call 07864 715708. Tickets cost ¬£10 for Adults and ¬£5 for Children and the show is suitable for all ages.