It's almost show time!

Written by Cath Moyse - Wed 15th Feb 2023

Cooper School Performance Hall has been transformed into the fantasy world or Launtonia where magic really does exist!

The dress rehearsal on Sunday was the first chance to rehearse the scene changes and our stage hands did a great job, especially cleaning up after the messy scene. I loved the sound effects when Jessie is fixing Santa's sleigh.

The scenery looks fantastic - see if you can spot the WANTED poster for Elvis the LVP parrot (named after Martin Beard's last role in Jack & the Beanstalk).

The children's chorus are delightful as dancing elves and penguins, and also have a key role to play in the final scene.

There are plenty of tickets left for the evening shows. You can expect a games of 'invisible football', slapstick antics with a prickly cactus and a homage to cheese (Dame Lily's favourite sandwich filling). You will be transported from the Wild West to the South Pacific, via the North and South Poles, but don't sit in the front row unless you want to get wet!

Get your tickets at or call 07864 715708, or come on the door!