Getting all dressed up....

Written by Cath Moyse - Thu 9th Nov 2023

LVP have a vast wardrobe of costumes from previous pantomimes and shows. We try to reuse costumes wherever possible to minimise costs and promote sustainability. All new costumes are handmade by Jackie, Cathy and their creative team.

Felix the phoenix will wear an upcycled Firebird outfit with a Native American Chief's feathered headdress. Comedy duo Wash and Go will wear existing striped trousers paired with bright spotted shirts.

Sometimes it's not so easy to reuse existing costumes. This year's Dame is of slight build and therefore not so tall or broad as previous Dames. Tall wigs will be utilised to give him some extra height. And one of our shortest actors has been cast as the Wolf - her costume has previously been worn by six foot tall males so will need some adjustments to prevent her being swamped!

Pirates are being asked to provide their own costumes this year, but who hasn't got a striped t-shirt and a bright neckerchief lurking at the back of their wardrobes? Panto wouldn't be panto without a glow-in-the-dark children's routine. Julia is making a prototype outfit to test under UV light.

Costume changes between scenes also need to be considered. Where timing is tight (it can be as little as 45 seconds), costumes will be designed in layers which can be easily peeled off and replaced. Dresses zip up at the back to make them easy to step in and out of. The main characters will need a team of dressers in the wings wot help them into their costumes for the Finale.

Does Rapunzel really need three separate wigs for her child, teen and adult incarnations, or can we get away with two? It is decided to start with two and see how it goes. But the blue dress from Cinderella has gone missing - we need to track that one down before February!

Tickets are on sale now for what will be a very colourful and entertaining show - get yours from