Martin Evans

Martin has lived in Launton all his life. He is a farmer by trade, farming on the Poundon Uplands. He joined the “young farmers” of Bicester where he got a taste for drama.

The Launton Village Players have presented no less than 26 pantomimes of which Martin has contributed to all since 1986. He has been involved in every aspect of the Panto process include writing, singing, acting, directing, dancing, set building as well as the countless other roles needed to put on such productions. Martin’s first stage role was as the Sheriff in Robin Hood. Martin is quoted as saying “Any show, play, musical or pantomime can be tightened up by at least ten minutes!”

Martin is a firm believer that Panto is one of the earliest introductions to theatre for a young audience. He says “…When a show works, it is magical to see children drawn in”. Martin’s latest Panto, the Little Mermaid, was his greatest achievement to date, pulling in record audiences with the biggest cast yet, raising record money for charities.