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Jackie Webber

Jackie grew up in Scotland : her earliest stage memory is of Highland Dancing in public when she was four. She has been Tutorial Administrator at Christ Church College in Oxford for more years than she cares to remember: “That’s a whole drama in itself”. Jackie is very sociable, with a hectic family life (four [...]

JoJo Goodey

Jo has been playing with the LVP band on and off for six years. Originally from Manchester, she read Music at university and went on to do a Post Graduate Certificate of Music Education. She loves playing with the band as she gets to play all of her instruments that include violin, flute and saxophone. […]

Giles Conway

His first Panto was Humpty Dumpty, 8 years ago, playing the drums and percussion ever since. In school he took his drum kit to America, Spain and France. He also plays with Steve Webber in a jazz duo, "Cocktail".  (Click on link to visit Cocktail on facebook)

Sarah Turner

The Little Mermaid was her 14th Panto, first playing in Aladdin in 2001; she's been both on stage and in the band, in the Pantos, Summer Shows and Autumn Plays. She plays all sizes of saxophone, including electronic, and clarinet. She also plays in the band for the Launton Village Rock Chorus.

Simon Turner

The Little Mermaid was his 14th Panto, first performing in Aladdin in 2001; he's been both on stage and in the band, in the Pantos, Summer Shows and Autumn Plays, including three entries for the Oxfordshire Drama Network One-Act Play Festivals. He played bass guitar as a teenager, but then had a long break until [...]

Steve Webber (Music Director)

Steve is Musical Director for the village Players and has written an original musical score for the pantomimes from Mother Goose in 2002 onwards. He started playing piano at the age of 8 and in 1966 left school to become a professional musician playing groups and touring up and down the country. "It was great [...]

Steve Procopiou

Steve was born in Bognor Regis but moved to Launton 25 years ago. Steve now lives in Blackthorn with his wife, Diane. He has many strings to his bow, including moving from Management Consultancy to owning his massage therapy business. Stalwart Steve has been part of 22 Pantos with the Players after joining in 1991. [...]

Rod Fine

Rod, though relatively new to the writing team, is surely a force to be reckoned with! He made his stage debut at age 5 as a sailor in Bobby Shaftoe at school, then in 2002 as a member of the male chorus in Mother Goose. Since then, Rod has been in every single Launton Pantomime, [...]

Celia Evans

Celia grew up near Exeter where her most notable role was as an Eskimo!! She met her now husband, Martin Evans, [link] whilst a member of the “Young Farmers” who were concerned with all things drama. Celia has been a part of 26 Launton Pantos; in early years she performed with the chorus, before settling [...]

Martin Evans

Martin has lived in Launton all his life. He is a farmer by trade, farming on the Poundon Uplands. He joined the “young farmers” of Bicester where he got a taste for drama. The Launton Village Players have presented no less than 26 pantomimes of which Martin has contributed to all since 1986. He has [...]