Panto Musings By Jo Lamb

It feels like an age since the curtain fell on the last performance of Old King Cole so here is a lovely poem written by Jo Lamb all about the world of pantomime whilst we wait for all the final statistics to be gathered and processed – hopefully it won’t be too long now?! Thanks Jo!!


It’s that special time of year again,
I’m sure you’ll all agree.
The annual trip to Pantoland,
Is looked forward to with glee!


From the announcement of the title,

To the night of the big reveal,

And the gathering of the LVP’s

For a chinwag and a meal.


The anticipation starts afresh, 
On the night we read it through.
When we get to hear the storyline, 
And find out who is who.


Launton’s little parish hall, 
Becomes a magical place to be.
Where we all transform from normal folk,
Into one big happy, Panto, family.


And then begins the laughter, 
And perhaps some stress and panic, 
When people try to learn their lines, 
And dance routines are manic!


Sunday night becomes the night, 
We step out of our reality,
Into the world of pantomime,
With its abnormal normality!


We practice and we practice, 
Then we practice it some more.
And we practice and we practice,
Til we’re absolutely sure.


With lots of people making props, 
And lots of people sewing, 
And lots of people painting sets,
We keep the Panto growing.


And then we move our little world,
And Bicesteria comes to life.
All those months of working hard;
All the stresses and the strife.


Too quick we say; too soon!
We still need time to practise!
Though it really is frustrating cos
By now we should have cracked it!


But we know whatever happens, 
It’ll be alright on the night.
And even if it’s taken months,
We’ll eventually get it right!


And then before we know it,
The day is finally upon us.
The audience will take their seats,
And the entertaining bug is on us.


We ‘sock it to ’em’ twice a day,
And hear the children’s laughter.
The hisses and the boos,
And the ‘happy ever after’!


Then all too quick, it’s over.
It’s our final wave ‘bood-gye’. 
The beast is tamed, the tax men framed,
And Goneril’s end is nigh.


The costumes have been packed away,
And the glitters nearly gone.
But with all these Panto memories,
The show will still live on!