Here We Go!!

Welcome to the virtual home of the Launton Village Players!!!!

The site will be updated regularly with contributions from members to the news feed and a great reference point for the general public. Please be aware that the site will be added to regularly and Kim Benson is going to take on the task of archiving all our favourite memories of shows gone by in the gallery archive once we have taught her how to do this complicated task. For now browse and enjoy reminiscing! It is really important that you as a Village Player sign up to the newsletter on the site and encourage your friends and family to do so too. It means we can keep track of visitors and send out important information wherever necessary!


With the site being about the general public, we have to keep things snappy so it is quality of information over column inches. Please have a good look around and see for yourself. Anything gallery related must go to Kim. As for content, please contact me ( but have a little patience as we iron out the creases.


Happy Surfing and check back regularly,


Alex Goodey Communications