Autumn plays

If you are interested and would like to take part in the Autumn Plays this year, please contact Tina Cherry or this website.  For your information, you need to be available to perform the plays at the end of the October half term week on the evenings of Friday 27th October and Saturday 28th October 2017.

We are having a readthrough of both plays at the Cherry’s house at 7.30pm on Thursday 13th July 2017. Please would you kindly let Tina know by email if you are coming to the readthrough. If you are unable to come to the readthrough and are still interested in being in the Autumn Plays, please let her know, and she will make alternative arrangements for you to read the script before making any final casting decisions.

Both plays have a “village hall” theme and can be set in current time.

The first one Act play ‘Rude Awakenings’ by Nicolas Ridley is a comedy set in a typical English village hall, which mixes both broad and subtle humour with truthful insights into the pain and pathos that can sometimes lie beneath the surface of village life. It has been described by critics as ‘captivating, funny and really quite moving’ The play is estimated to run for approx. 45 minutes. This play was written for an all-female cast. Four characters in total.

A note from the Playwright with whom I am in contact:

“I’m so pleased to hear that you’d like to perform ‘Rude Awakenings’ this autumn. It’s only recently be published by Stagescripts and I think you’ll be the first group to stage it in Oxfordshire.”

The second one act play “The Village Hall- The Melodrama” by John Bartlett is a farce. It is a play within a play. More accurately, it is a dress rehearsal of a play by the local Village Am Dram Group. This play involves more characters and there are both male and female roles. There are also various non-speaking roles. Approx. running time 30 minutes.