A Brief History of The Village Players

*In 1986, the first ever Panto went under way because a number of parents in the Launton Gavray Association (LGA) were disappointed that there were no commercial pantomimes being produced that were suitable for young children either to watch or take part in nearby. Panto had started to become a vehicle for pop stars and soap stars to up their profile and with that came high ticket prices. Several couple, including Martin and Celia, got together to produce a good old traditional show. (Oh no, they didn’t – Oh yes, they did!) The rest, as they say, is history!

*Based on an excerpt from “Entertaining Launton” by Pat Tucker (available from Amazon and all good bookshops)

Panto is still the Players biggest production, but as the number of members grew, they branched out and began putting on a play every autumn and most years a Summer Show which had little bit of everything in it. The Summer Show generally follows a theme and includes sketches, dancing, singing and a lot of swaying!

It has been said that the secret of the Launton Village Players success is not just raw talent but the overwhelming sense of community. Every member gives up so much time to rehearse and perform and their love for what they are doing really puts them head and shoulders above the rest. What started as a village group is now an institution for everyone in the surrounding areas and all are welcome!